Meeting with representatives of the housing cooperative “Seaman” in Odessa

Meeting with representatives of the housing cooperative “Seaman” in Odessa

Interviewees: Natalia Gorpenko, head of cooperative; Andrii, plumber; Volodymyr, resident.

  • What was the reason for starting the energy modernization of your building?

Our housing cooperative consists of five buildings. Heating costs are fairly high during the heating season. This was the first reason to carry out energy savings works. We turned to the Odessa Housing Association: representatives of the association provided us with advice and explanations. Specialists came to inspect the buildings and provided recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. We considered wall insulation and the installation of individual heating stations. Upon recommendation of specialists, we installed an individual heating station in 2 buildings. Immediately after their installation, it became warmer and heating costs were reduced.

Opinion of a specialist who has been servicing these houses for 16 years: “before the replacement of the heat hub, residents of the building complained about the low temperature of the heat carrier. And after replacing the heating station and refurbishing the pipes in the basement; the temperature of the heat carrier increased by 5 degrees Celsius. After the installation of the IHS, residents did not complain anymore.

  • Do you plan to use the basements of your houses as shelters? What do you need to do for this?

Yes, we immediately planned to use it as a shelter. We needed to bring the basement to appropriate sanitary standards. We cleaned the basement and insulated all the pipes. After that, the temperature in the basement began to meet all the requirements. After all, before the pipes were insulated, the basement was very hot. Now we can use this room as a shelter. We also installed a fire shield and a water point. The arrangement of the bathroom has already reached the final stage.

  • According to your estimates what financial assistance have you received under the Habitat for Humanity project?

Material support was quite significant. When carrying out thermal modernization works, we spent a relatively small part of our own funds because the houses are old and most of the apartment owners are pensioners. Without the project’s support, we would not have been able to implement everything. According to preliminary estimates, the Habitat for Humanity project has provided financial support in the amount of 650 thousand UAH to carry out work only in 2 out of 5 cooperative houses. Another 3 houses of the cooperative are in great need of similar assistance in order to insulate heating pipes and install IHS. We also received assistance in the form of hygiene kits. This support was provided to socially vulnerable groups of the population. We are very grateful to the representatives of the project “Habitat for Humanity” and the Odessa Housing Association who helped us get this help.


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