Final exploitation and sustainability plan

Final exploitation and sustainability plan

ComAct has developed approaches supporting the alleviation of energy poverty through empowering policymakers, energy experts and households in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This exploitation and sustainability plan (ESP) describes strategies for continued exploitation of ComAct output after the project finished in February 2024. The ESP provides an ‘’implementation context’’ for each implementation country (Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, North-Macedonia and Ukraine), in which circumstances affecting project implementation are described. Subsequently, exploitation pathways are defined per workstream or work ‘’theme’’ in ComAct (policy, community, finance, and technical exploitation) based on the validation reports for specific work-packages. In addition, exploitation pathways for all participating partners are presented based on partner input in response to a survey. How the consortium plans to keep information available after the project ends, and ComAct’s intellectual property policy, are described in the for-last section. The report concludes with recommendations for optimal exploitation and sustainability of ComAct results after the project finishes, and outside implementation countries:

Recommendations for using ComAct output after the project finishes:

  • Promote the definition for energy poverty tailored to multi-family apartment buildings
  • Ensure accessibility of the project deliverables on the platform and the websites of project partners so lessons learned and materials available remain available for future exploitation.
  • Integrate lessons learned in ongoing work and dissemination activities of consortium partners. Individual recommendations are included for each partner in Section 6.3.
  • Continue energy poverty alleviation in the ComActivate project. The ComActivate project is an ideal way to integrate lessons learned from ComAct and maintain the resource centres.
  • Continue contributing to an enabling environment for resource centres by supporting efforts to attract competent staff, long-term funding, and expansion of resource centre services.
  • Leverage the networks created as part of the ComAct project (e.g., national stakeholder advisory groups in implementing countries or networks of energy experts active in the resource centres).

Recommendations for replication outside project countries:

  • Disseminate ComAct results within international networks that consortium members are part of.
  • Integrate ComAct results in ongoing (new) projects that consortium members are active in, specifically those referred to in section 6.3.
  • Use ComActivate as a platform to share ComAct lessons learned and legacy in international networks that consortium partners are part of.

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